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This interactive first camp experience supports children’s independence, confidence and adventurous nature, while developing their physical, cognitive, creative and social skills.

Activities take place in a fully fenced outdoor playground, beautiful garden and in case of rainy days, our fully equipped facilities include a large indoor gymnasium, classrooms and kitchens.

Camp instructors are selected from our teachers and university/college students. There is a ratio of one instructor to every five campers ensuring lots of individual attention.

Programs include full day, ¾ day and ½ day options.

Children dig up Dinosaur fossils, then blast off and tour the galaxy, re-create exploding stars and experience the magic Milky Way in Space Voyages. When they land, Chemists grow crystals and experiment with chemical reactions in a completely safe though explosive way. Children create using clay, pottery, plaster and woodworking. Naturalists plant flowers, create sand candles, build bird feeders and make their own paper. Sport coaches focus on practicing sport skills and playing games in a fun, creative, highly active, cooperative and often water play environment. Sport skills are implemented in a skill based play environment for soccer, water baseball, water volleyball and hockey. Junior Chefs bake pineapple upside-down cake, pizza, make jam, bake bread and other delectables for everyone to enjoy. See Summer Camp Calendar of Activities.