Camp Activities

Interactive Activities

Camp 5

Dinosaur Digs: Young Paleontologists dig-up fossils construct and paint dinosaur remains and make their own clay models of dinosaur remains.

Clay Sculpting, Pottery, Plaster and Woodworking: Architects, Sculptors and Artists use varied dimensional & innovative materials to maximize creativity and self-expression in our budding artists.

Pottery 1

Space Voyages: Astronauts defy gravity with a gyroscope, blast off and tour the galaxy, re-create exploding stars, experience the magic Milky Way, visit other worlds and eat space food.

Chemists: Scientists grow crystals and experiment with chemical reactions in a completely safe though explosive way, using science materials, tools and the fundamentals of – air, water, earth, fire, life, matter and energy. Much fun is had in re-creating actual volcanoes, geysers, tornadoes and eruptions.

Science 5

Engineers: Explore using gears and gadgets what is on the inside, how does it work and what else can be made? They create optical illusions and magic with lights, colours, optics, prisms, barometers, wind chimes, sundials, and weather vanes.

Planting and Nature: Naturalists investigate the essentials of planting outdoors: soil, earthworms, parts of plants, honeybees and weather. Naturalists plant flowers, create sand candles, build bird feeders and make paper from scratch. Children will take their plant, candle and bird feeders home to transplant in their own home garden oasis.

Cooking (in a peanut-free environment): Junior Chefs bake pineapple upside-down cake, pizza, make jam, bake bread and other delectable creations in a fully equipped kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

Cooking 4

Sports and Physical Education: In our enclosed outdoor playground, children exercise both their imagination and motor skills; developing self-identification and body awareness. Multi-sport skills development programs introduces young children to the concepts and skills involved in sports. Instructors focus on practicing sport skills and playing games in a fun, creative, highly active, non-competitive and often wet environment. The program focuses on teamwork rather than the importance of winning. Children alternate between structured gym/sport activities and active free play. Sport skills are implemented in a cooperative, skill based play environment for soccer, water baseball, water volleyball and hockey.

Camp 7