Guiding Behaviour

There are a wide variety of theories and approaches to guiding behaviour. The goal, however, remains constant: to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence and ultimately, self-discipline and sensitivity in their actions. At Ridley Orchard School we define guiding behaviour as a process that adults do with or for children, rather than to them. It involves a continuous process of structuring the environment, the curriculum and the program. Providing guidance, modelling appropriate behaviour and providing positive feedback are key factors. Behaviour is guided in a positive manner at a level that is appropriate to children’s action, age and developmental stage.

This promotes self-discipline, ensures health and safety, respect and tolerance for all individual. There are no time out chairs at Ridley Orchard School and absolutely no tolerance for any form of corporal punishment. Acceptable methods of behaviour guidance are discussed with individual teachers and consistent methods are agreed upon.

Children will follow a flexible yet predictable daily routine, which is important to their self-esteem and maturation.  We support self-initiated methods of working out problems with cooperation and understanding, which foster trust, mutual respect and maturity.