Arrival and Pick-Up Procedures

Children will only be released to person(s) on the authorized pick-up list on your child’s application form. If your child is going home with another parent or caregiver, a permission note dated and signed prior to each occasion is required.  Please inform us in advance if there will be a change to the regular pick-up person even if that person is on the admission form pick-up list. Please inform us in writing if you wish to add or subtract a person(s) on your child’s pick-up list. When ever your child will be absent or late from class; please let us know why your child will be absent, describing their symptoms if they are ill.  Please provide the supervisor with a car pool list, which includes names of participating parents and the days on which they will be driving.

To ensure safety we ask that the sign in/out sheet be initialed in and that children are brought directly to their teacher(s) upon arrival. At the end of the day, please initial the sign in/out sheet out. Parents are asked to remain in the hallway, at the end of the day, until the children are dismissed one-by-one, directly to their parent/caregiver, by a teacher.

During the first week of school children come for one-hour staggered sessions on each of their regularly scheduled days. Our goal is to integrate each child into the classroom by empowering them to walk in on their own. With time, patience, care and understanding your child will trust their new environment, giving them a great sense of accomplishment. Parents of children younger than 2½ years of age stay with their child in the classroom for the one-hour sessions on each of their regularly scheduled days. During the second week of school parents are asked to leave their child(ren) with their classroom teacher(s).