Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular for all students in the ¾ day and full day programs


Sports and Exercise including Yoga, Gymnastics, Soccer and Karate

¾ day and full-day students enjoy a fun, creative, highly active and cooperative skill based multi sport and exercise program developing their gross motor skills, as well as confidence and coordination. The program focuses on having fun, playing games, teamwork and individual development. Using developmentally appropriate methods to introduce, practice and refine gross motor development in;

Yoga gives students the opportunity to relax, have fun and increase body awareness. Using a child friendly approach of exercises, students learn how to harness their energy for mind-body connection while gaining self-esteem.

The Gymnastics program develops balance, flexibility and coordination. It also encourages self-confidence, motivation and concentration.

Karate combines traditional philosophy with modern day techniques. Learning practical martial arts skills can be combined with physical exercise to create a great experience for all ages.

Soccer combines training and instruction with the objective of guiding players to attain their maximum potential in the game of soccer. Skill and tactical development and the maximization of game enjoyment are highlighted through a training process that emphasizes fair play, respect, team spirit and enjoyment of the game.


Animals including Reptilia and Whimz

¾ day and full-day students are introduced to live animals through Reptilia and Whimz Animals

“Reptilia” gives young people a look into the wonderful world of nature through the eyes of reptiles and amphibians. The programs focus on the diet, characteristics, and behavior of the reptiles and amphibians and – should they wish to – the students can touch lizards, turtles, crocodilians, and snakes while learning about them and the way they survive in today’s ecology.

“Whimz Animals” introduce students to the wonderful world of animals. This includes hands-on interaction with the animals, as well as movement, story telling, crafts and songs. Students meet 3 to 4 different animals each week. In addition to learning how to hold these animals, the participants will learn about the animals in their natural habitat and in captivity. All activities throughout the class flow from the animals.

Animals 3

French and Canadian Mosaic

¾ day and full-day students participate in conversational French through a hands-on, interactive program that features the use of puppets, stories, and art, physical and role-playing activities.

Students develop awareness that Canada is a mosaic of different cultures.

Students expand their Canadian vocabulary through; place, language, taste, neighborhood, community, province, territory, town, city, village, ranch, farm, country, lake, river, stream, mountain, waterfall, flag, maple-leaf-tree-syrup, and symbols on Canadian money.

Students participate in a study of Canada; introduce the concept of a map, a globe and an atlas to locate Canada.

Cultures, traditions and holidays are integrated, appreciated and celebrated in a manner that is fun and meaningful, through child-oriented stories, puppet shows, dress-up clothing, music, dance, food and creative activities. An integral part of each child’s sense of community and belonging is the participation and celebration of holidays reflective of all children in the school and the community as a whole.

Students develop an understanding of personal, family and community functions. Identify and develop an understanding of community helpers, role-play and make-believe games and increase their knowledge of the world.

Parents and families are invited to share heritage, cultural events, holidays and celebrations with the students in class.

Instruments Guitar 1

Dance including Jazz and Hip Hop

¾ day and full-day students participate in creative movement and dance class; facilitating and guiding their natural interest in dance improvising and sequenced character playing all to sound, music and songs in hope of preserving their movement spontaneity for the rest of their life.

Leap, Jump, Slide!  Jazz & Hip Hop are upbeat styles of dance that are often seen on stage in productions on Broadway.  Students learn a comprehensive set of steps throughout the term and incorporate them into combinations. We dance to fun pop music and other songs that the students recognize and enjoy.

Students learn in an interactive, cooperative environment, to use space, their body, force and time as they explore movement together – but in their own individual way.

The dance program is designed to foster the expressive movement capability of students through: – creative movement – free dance – synchronized and sequential group dance – movement exploration – movement to stories, songs and theatre plays.

Students create and participate in dance performances.

Pottery and Sculpting

¾ day and full-day students participate in Pottery and Sculpting, challenging their imagination with the endless possibilities for constructing and modeling various materials into unusual and wonderful creations. Students mix information with imagination and self-expression, to create with confidence and to inspire others; gaining a sense of invention, completion and accomplishment. Students are introduced to the works of master artists, and are given the opportunity to create their own masterpieces using a wide variety of media.

Materials include; clay, plaster, papier mâché, soap, stones, boxes, mobiles, stabiles, chimes, paper, nature, tie dye, plastic, rubber, wood, wire, string, weave, etc.

Pottery 1

Musical Instruments including Mystic Drumz

¾ day and full-day students participate in music and instruments class. Music encourages the development of motor, auditory and rhythmic skills. Group participation, imaginative expression and building of self-esteem are naturally incorporated into the musical experience.

Students use recorder wind instrument, hand, wrist and ankle bells, clappers, sand blocks, musical triangles, drums, tambourines, tapping bells, shaker, maracas, sticks, tone blocks, cymbals, castanets, rainmakers and xylophones to enhance their creative music experience.

 “Mystic Drumz” is a musical adventure. Students are engaged in music and sounds from around the world. The classes integrate music and movement games, storytelling about ethnic instruments, performances and demonstrations of world music instruments, and hands on music making. Students jam on an extensive variety of authentic instruments including African drumz, Latin bongos, South American rhythm sticks, assorted bells, tambourines, triangles, shakers, BoomWackers and more!

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