Letters and Handwriting


“Letterland” activities are fun for students, along with the fun there is a structured and systematic course for developing the following; listening and speaking – phonic skills – whole word recognition – reading for meaning – early creative writing.

In a child-friendly way, “Letterland” explains the complexities of spoken and written English, with its many rules and even more exceptions.

Initially, toddlers & pre-school students learn letter sounds and characters.

Subsequently, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students learn to put letters together to form blended sounds; two letter consonant blends and develop class word walls and dictionaries.

Further, junior kindergarten students learn:   

1. lower and upper case letter shapes and sounds
2. how to blend sounds to read any word
3. letters may change their sound in specific sequences
4. words have recurring letter patterns within them
5. a strong sight vocabulary by paying attention to these recurring letter patterns
6. how to alternate between ‘sounding out’ and ‘sight’ reading strategies, according to words carry messages, alone, in phrases and in sentences.

In addition, senior kindergarten students learn:      

Three letter consonant blends, word endings, long and short vowels and the silent ‘e’ This is a natural progression to word and senten

ce recognition and composition, basic punctuation and grammar, writing journals, book making and reading.

“Handwriting without Tears” expands letter learning to letter writing through a developmentally based curriculum establishing good letter formation, legibility and sentence spacing and eliminating letter reversal.

Multi-sensory handwriting and printing activities are an effective way to improve manual dexterity developing the small hand and wrist muscles required for writing.

Multi-sensory activities include tracing over, writing in sand/salt, letter shaping with “Mat Man” using wood shapes, yarn and play dough, mazes, stringing, stamping, stencilling, cutting, tongs and tweezers, links, shape and hole punching, etc.