In the gym or outdoor playground students exercise both their imagination and their motor skills; they develop self-identification and body awareness.

Students alternate between structured gym activities and free play.

Gym skill activities include:  –  warm-up and stretching  –  heart and lung workout  –  muscle workout  –  balance and co-ordination  –  cool down –  stretching and relaxation.

Students jump on trampolines, balance on balance beams, blow bubbles, tumble, somersault, roll, jump, play parachute games, crawl through tunnels, balance on exercise balls, walk on stilts, rock on teeter totters, pull and push wagons, pedal bikes, roller skate, etc.

Students have fun participating in activities that:

1. develop large motor muscles
2. strengthen bones
3. improve muscle strength and endurance
4. improve flexibility
5. improve sleep
6. increase self-esteem
7. provide an outlet for stress
8. develop and create brain cells and improve concentration abilities
9. build cooperative skills

Gym 3